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Belmont TMJ Therapy & Headache Relief Relieving Jaw Pain

woman holding head in pain  Do you wake up with headaches? Are your teeth worn or chipped, and you aren’t sure why? Ten million Americans suffer from TMJ disorder, a condition that can cause headaches, teeth grinding, and chronic pain of the face and jaw. Misaligned jaw joints can irritate nerves and cause muscles to overwork, and these issues lead to pain. Overworked muscles can also spasm, causing tooth wear and breakage during sleep. If you might have sleep apnea, consult with Dr. Salibian.

In a TMJ exam, the doctor will assess your jaw joints and teeth to determine whether TMJ disorder may be at the root of your symptoms. Once TMJ disorder is confirmed, Dr. Salibian can create a simple oral appliance to keep you from grinding your teeth and over stimulating muscles and nerves. The appliance may only need to be worn while you sleep, though some patients prefer to wear their mouthguard during the day.

Alternative treatments include building up back teeth with crowns to restore optimal occlusion; undergoing physical therapy and stress relief exercises; changing habits, like quit chewing gum. You don’t have to live with TMJ pain! It’s time you enjoy relief.