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Advanced Dental Technology

dioxide laser Patient comfort and clinical accuracy play essential roles in the dental experience we offer our patients. With innovative technology, Dr. Salibian and our team have improved efficiency, as well. This means, at your dental visit, you’ll enjoy full peace of mind and body. Here are a few of our state-of-the-art systems. As technology continues to advance, so will our practice. Dr. Salibian is dedicated to staying on top of the latest tools for precision, comfort, and accurate diagnostics.

Waverley Dental Care is proud to introduce the latest in dental laser technology. The Lutronics DENTA Microspeed C02 laser offers the latest advancements known to the dental industry while bringing the highest level of patient care & comfort. This highly effective and efficient laser allows faster healing times, more predictable outcomes, pain reduction, broader application of implant placement, and the ability to work in the periodontal pocket for bacterial reduction.

What this laser can treat:

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Brushless Electric Drills - For your comfort, our dental drills make less noise and provide better efficiency than their traditional counterpart. This means faster dental visits for you.

Identafi 3000 – This exciting new tool allows us to detect oral cancer lesions early, before they’re visible in the tissue of the mouth. Research shows that early detection and treatment of oral cancer dramatically improves the potential for effective treatment. Identafi does not require a mouth rinse like some systems. Instead, upon contact with the mouth, a special light makes suspicious cells appear instantly. Learn more about Identafi here.

Digital Radiography – For bitewing and panoramic X-rays, we use a digital radiography system, which emits about 80% less radiation than traditional machines. In addition to improved safety, our digital X-rays provide fast, precise images on a computer screen. Dr. Salibian can review the images with you and explain his findings. Because no film and development are required, our digital X-ray system is environmentally friendly.

Zoom! Whitening – Want whiter teeth – now? Zoom! Whitening has provided dental patients across the globe with fast, safe, and dramatic teeth whitening. In about one hour, Dr. Salibian can transform the color of your teeth by up to eight or ten shades. Zoom! involves coating teeth with a bleaching gel, then exposing the gel to a special light. A chemical reaction lifts stains from tooth enamel, then we wash them away. Learn more about Zoom! Whitening here.

Nitrous Oxide - Nitrous oxide is a mild sedative that provides a safe and effective way of easing anxiety during dental procedures. The use of nitrous oxide as a mild sedative has been used in dentistry for over 150 years. Patients who choose to have nitrous oxide during dental procedures are fully conscious but able to relax, which makes the experience completely comfortable. Expect a quick recovery and no long term effects. You can resume your daily schedule after your dental treatment!