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Dental Implants Improve Belmont Smiles

three patients smiling An estimated 50 million Americans wear prosthetic dental devices – bridges, partials, or dentures. Many of these people struggle with ill-fitting or loose dentures. If you’d like a more permanent and stable solution to replace missing teeth, ask Dr. Salibian about dental implants.

Made of biocompatible metal, dental implants are small posts that replace teeth roots. Each implant can secure a single crown, or a few implants can anchor a denture, partial, or bridge. Dr. Salibian works with trusted oral surgeons and prosthodontists in an interdisciplinary approach to implant procedures. If you choose implants, you can expect:

Dental implants can transform quality of life. Denture wearers no longer need to hassle with messy creams or intensive daily denture care routines. Instead, snaps on the base of the denture fasten to heads of the implant posts, providing dependable stability. With implants, you can eat what you like, whenever you like, as if your natural, healthy teeth were still intact.